Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get my items?

Currently we are unable to ship items. Once you purchase an item we will contact you to arrange pick up. You can pick up your item at our main office location: 50A East 118th Street, NY, NY 10035 10am - 6pm each weekday OR we can make arrangements with your coach or staff to deliver items at NH practices. If you have questions before purchasing an item please reach out, we're happy to chat about your purchase: or 212-426-4667

Will you purchase additional items?

We hope to find the balance of supply and demand. This is our first go at hosting an online store, therefore we are learning as we go and we are eager to see what our supporters are most interested in purchasing. If you have suggestions for items, let us know - if we get enough requests we will look into purchasing and branding items. 

How do you come up with Your pricing?

We charge the current UA retail value + a small (usually $5) logo charge for NH branded items.