New Heights at the Common Pantry

On August 16th, New Heights students spent their day volunteering at the New York Common Pantry, helping the hungry by delivering custom food orders to Harlem’s most vulnerable families.

Arriving right as the packed lunch rush began, our New Heights kids wasted no time making themselves useful throughout the building. While crowds of hungry families formed, a few students were collecting requests for meals downstairs. Meanwhile in the pantry, others began sorting healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, and another group started collecting and packaging healthy options to hand-deliver to those waiting in line.

Our students demonstrated teamwork, initiative, and positive attitudes as they worked together with other volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to whittle down the line. Coordinating themselves like a well-oiled machine, our student-athletes distributed countless food items to assist people in need. Our students had a great time volunteering with the Common Pantry!

A special thanks to Adam Berkowitz for organizing this volunteer trip.