We're Going to CAMP!

Career Assist has launched its first Career Assist Mentoring Program (C.A.M.P).  This program will act as a road map of support for our students as they navigate to and through college. On May 23rd, we are matching up our High School Senior Class of 2016 with over 20 career driven volunteers who are committed to provide career advice and guidance to our students. Our mentors consist of alumni from our College Bound program and members of our staff and Emerging Leaders Council (ELC). 

CAMP focuses on providing support to New Heights student-athletes as they transition from high school to college, navigate the challenges of college and eventually enter into a career. The program will provide workshops on strengthening professional development skills and expose our alums to a variety of career paths. We hope to meet educational goals, including college graduation, and ensure that our alums are ready to gain employment after graduation.